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Eco Safety Trainings

Eco-safety driving

TEB Arval’s mission involves advising and supporting you as you implement initiatives designed to optimise and reduce the cost of operating your vehicle fleet, and improve the safety of your drivers. We identify areas for improvement and develop a programme which covers driver's behaviour. It enable drivers to acquire good habits for driving safely and economically, and to put these habits to the test. We believe that training people how to drive in an environmentally responsible way is a winning investment for both company and driver.

How can we have the best driving behaviour?

By working alongside your drivers, we can influence 52% of the overall cost of fleet ownership: fuel, vehicle wear and maintenance, accident repairs. And so these are savings which can go straight back into your company.

What kind of trainings can I get?

TEB Arval offer Defensive Driving Trainings, Economic and Ecosafe Driving Training, Night Driving Techniques Training, and Advanced Driving- Preventing the Vehicle From Sliding programmes for helping people to drive in an environmentally responsible way. This strategy is used to influence drivers’ behaviour so that they use less fuel and drive more safely. The results are immediate and quantifiable, with relieved and appreciative drivers, lower fuel consumption and fewer accidents.