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Products & Services

An approach tailored to our customers needs


   Maintenance & Repair

At our authorized garages, TEB Arval ensures your vehicle's periodic maintenance in line with warranty conditions and repairment of breakdowns, so that you and your car can continue on the road in the best conditions.

   Tire Replacement

Our partners network will ensure you the best value on tyres and tyres repairs, without compromising safety. TEB Arval will determine for you the appropriate number of tyres which you will be able to change in one of our partners network for 4 seasons and/or winter tyres.

   7 / 24 Road Assistance

Road Assistance is vital for businesses, it can represent a significant cost, such as lost productivity. TEB Arval keeps your business on the road.

   Replacement Car

In case of vehicle immobilisation, the relief vehicle makes it possible to ensure you a permanent mobility.


TEB Arval arranges for the appropriate car insurance, which is included in the monthly rental fee, taking into account the needs of your fleet.

   Damage Repair

   Pick up service

TEB Arval may take your vehicles from your address and transfer them to your address with routine maintenance and inspection. This service is only applicable in Istanbul. 

   Eco and Safety Driving Trainings

We aim to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions with different types of driving trainings such as  defensive, economical driving, night driving. 

   Toll Management

The automatic tolls (HGS) allow your driver to pay the tolls without any stop & go by using dedicated lanes.


By following your fleet trend usage (contract per contract) TEB Arval is able to optimize your fleet budget.
Regularly, TEB Arval will recommend adjusting your vehicle contract to its real mileage/duration trends and will propose you to modify the settings. It renews your vehicle special term and conditions.

   Fuel Management

TEB Arval helps you managing and optimizing Fuel costs: by purchasing discounted fuel which will reduce your TCO and monitor consumptions together with evolution of fuel prices to be considered in your fuel policy, tailored to your company’s needs.

   Waiting Car

Waiting Car fully covers your mobility needs during the time-period between the order of your TEB Arval Vehicle and until its delivery.

   Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link is our new telematics solution, offering you the fleet intelligence you need to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve driver behaviour.