Our products

A variety of products for all needs

Whether you need a 2 or 4 years contract, TEB Arval’s solutions offer you flexibility and reliability and help keep costs under control.

An easy and cost-effective way of financing and managing business vehicles, long-term rental allows you to lease brand new cars and vans without having to tie up capital in order to purchase them.

TEB Arval’s long-term rental contracts run between 2 and 4 years (although they can be longer). You have the use of new cars without up-front costs. Instead, you budget your expenditure as a fixed monthly amount. We offer the widest choice of models, and our competitive costs factor in the benefit of our buying power. We handle all aspects of maintenance and tyre management for you, and supply you with replacement vehicles when necessary. We take the hassle out of running a car or a fleet of cars.

Fuel Management


TEB Arval helps you managing and optimizing Fuel costs: by purchasing discounted fuel which will reduce your TCO and monitor consumptions together with evolution of fuel prices to be considered in your fuel policy, tailored to your company’s needs.

TEB Arval on Board (Telematics)


TEB Arval On Board is a vehicle data tracking system allowing you to monitor location, routing, status and behavior of the driver through telematics technology. By monitoring speed limits, routing deviations and misuse of vehicles, you get the opportunity to reduce TCO but also to guide your drivers for a safer driving. Studies show that in addition to savings up to 20% in spending, you make your company more aware and active in preserving the environment.

Eco and Safety Driving


TEB Arval leads its customers on scope of the driver safety and enviromental health, which are the important issues of sustainable development, along with the other services provided.