Smart Experience

TEB Arval Connect

TEB Arval Connect is a simple & useful website for fleet managers.


TEB Arval Connect  includes;

•Car reviews, road safety driving videos, and business related videos and articles,etc.

•Planning of next car deliveries from TEB Arval

•Geo-localization of TEB Arval suppliers

•A library of useful documents

•Main contacts at  TEB Arval

•Access to TEB Arval Fleet View


TEB Arval Connect is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on touchpad or computer.


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TEB Arval Fleetvıew

TEB Arval Fleet View, a simple and visual way for fleet managers to monitor their fleet KPIs on 4 themes: Fleet, Cost, Usage,Environment


•It can be used on the laptop or tablet.

•Customers will have more visibility on their fleet management improvement areas.

TEB Arval Fleetview

Digital services specially designed for drivers

TEB Arval delivers the very latest technology to your drivers: mobile applications that inform them of their vehicle use and help improve their skills at the steering wheel.

TEB Arval Mobile+

This mobile application provides your drivers with the vehicle-specific information and documentation that they need, when and where they need it. In the process, it saves your company valuable time and money. The application, which is available for iPhone and Android mobile users, offers live maps pointing out the closest service and maintenance sites.


Features available to drivers via TEB Arval Mobile+ include:

  • Use of GPS technology

  • Full vehicle details and a countdown to the renewal date

  • Direct access to Arval's round-the-clock telephone support teams

  • Mapping of service and maintenance sites

TEB Arval Drive Challenge

TEB Arval Drive Challenge is an entertaining digital game that has the added merit of improving your drivers' performance at the wheel. This free mobile application (available for both iPhone and Android users) is designed to raise drivers' awareness of how they drive and, hopefully, have a positive impact on it. TEB Arval Drive Challenge uses the mobile phone's GPS technology to measure drivers' speed, acceleration and braking patterns. It highlights areas that need improvement, and hands out rewards for good driving. Here is a list of some of TEB Arval Drive Challenge's special features:

  • Uses GPS technology
  • Measures driving performance on every car journey
  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Unlocks rewards
  • Links directly to social media