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My TEB Arval Mobile

The essential in your pocket.

My TEB Arval mobile answers your questions wherever you are. The app simplifies every procedure

What's on My TEB Arval Mobile?

TEB Arval launches a new version of My TEB Arval Mobile app for fleet vehicle drivers. More user-friendly, more contemporary and closer to user needs, this app offers a completely new experience by introducing new functions to access the range of Arval services.

The app is now more intuitive, more dynamic and easier to use, offering functions tailored to driver mobility needs: responsiveness, time-saving and optimised organisation.

The key functions of the app are:

■ My vehicle: the full range of practical information about the car, including its model, registration number, fuel consumption, contract end date, vehicle return procedure, etc.

■ Around me: geolocation and a search function for the nearest Arval service partner across the full range of services, from maintenance and body repairs to fuel, tyres and much more.

■ My services: a reminder of all the services included in the contract (insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance), the full list of service partners and direct access to Arval support if a driver needs it.

■ My digital wallet: instant availability of vehicle documentation (registration document, Arval card, driving licence, etc.).