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Sell and Lease


Under a Sell & Lease  product you sell the vehicles through TEB Arval existing supplier network for an agreed price and lease the new ones from TEB Arval. You can benefit from TEB Arval’s expert advice and you can reach hundreds of second hand dealer in one shot.

With TEB Arval Sell & Lease product you can monitor your fleet costs, reduce your risk, manage your fleet and increase your funds by an immediate cash injection into your business.


Your advantages


  • Benefit from TEB Arval expert advice
  • Have a chance to get better price through TEB Arval expanded supplier network
  • Outsource the fleet management and reduced your internal administration costs.
  • Transfer your vehicle residual value risk.
  • Entrust the management on maintenance, tyres, and insurance.
  • Release the capital tied up in vehicles you already own outright by transferring them to a operational lease contract