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Information about Data Breach



This page has been created by TEB Arval in order to inform the customers, drivers, suppliers and other third parties about whose personal information may have been compromised because of detected malicious software (of which TEB Arval was informed on 11 January 2019) and possible data leak in the system of “Optimum Otomotiv Satış Sonrası Çözümleri A.Ş.”, TEB Arval’s Third Party Supplier to which accident management service has been outsourced by TEB Arval.

The customers, drivers which have subscribed an accident management service from TEB Arval, suppliers involved in damage repair process and other 3rd parties involved in a car accident with TEB Arval vehicle between 13 September 2013 and 11 January 2019 may have been affected by this situation.

As soon as the unauthorized access to personal information by unknown 3rd party has been detected, all required swift actions have been taken by TEB Arval in order to address the issue and protect the data of customers, drivers, suppliers and 3rd parties with the consultancy and opinions of security experts and the system run by our supplier has been closed down immediately until it is guaranteed to be secured and functional.

We kindly request Customers, drivers, suppliers and 3rd parties who have concerns or would like to get information about this situation to fill the form stated on our web page “Form For The Use Of Rights Relating To Personal Data” and  sent such form to TEB Arval through the channels stated below;

  • Notary Channel,
  • Registered E-Mail of TEB Arval (tebarval@hs03.KEP.tr),
  • Hand Delivery (identification shall be observed)

Please click here to view the page includes the “Form for The Use Of Rights Relating To Personal Data”  

TEB Arval places great importance to process and keep all kinds of personal data belonging to its clients, drivers, suppliers and any relevant 3rd parties’ in compliance with Personal Data Protection Law. TEB Arval shows high sensitivity to the security of the Personal Data and it is one of the highest priorities of our company. We kindly bring to your attention that we have taken all required strong precautions and ask our supplier to remediate immediately to the issue and give us as much detail as possible to mitigate the consequences of this incident.


1- Could you confirm whether my data has been affected or not?

Our security professionals have been investigating the situation and we asked our supplier to provide all details about people whose data could have been concerned.

2- What kind of information could be compromised?

The documents that you have shared related with accident management process may have been compromised.

3- Who has been affected by this situation?

The customers, drivers which had accident management service, suppliers involved in process and other 3rd parties involved in an accident with TEB Arval vehicle between 13 September 2013 and 11 January 2019 may have been affected by this situation.

4- Should I be harmed in any extent by this incident and what can I do?

We will come back to all written official information requests with more detail after our supplier provides us with full details. Meanwhile, we advise you to be careful and cautious if you receive any suspect mails asking you to click on specific links, to send information or to contact a platform for your current or past transactions related to insurance claims: please contact TEB Arval and our team will be happy to reply directly to you. In case you think you face a strange request or situation, share with us so that we can escalate and collaborate with the competent authorities. You can send us an e mail to kvkk@tebarval.com.tr