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Tuesday, September 26, 2017



TEB Arval, which was established to provide long term Operational Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management services to local and international companies of all sizes, celebrated its 10th anniversary with its customers at Ural Ataman Classic Automobile Museum, one of the most important classic automobile museums in Turkey.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary with the slogan “Driving at full throttle for 10 years”, TEB Arval arranged a rally-inspired night, drawing attention to elements of cohesion, teamwork and trust.

TEB Arval General Manager Philippe Chabert, Arval Asia Regional Director Tero Tapa and Arval Global Sales Director Andonis Papagiannakopoulos made openning speeches at this special night and Volkan Işık, one of the most famous Turkish Rally Pilot took part with co-pilot Güray Karacar. Volkan Işık emphasized that success is based on a trust-based business association and that the co-pilot has a crucial role on the road to success.

TEB Arval General Manager Philippe Chabert stated that they are happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary,

"In this way we started from scratch in 2007, today we have reached 20,000 leased vehicles. It is important to have a rally concept for this night because we consider our customers as the pilots of this adventure and TEB Arval is always supportive as a co-pilot. Just like a co-pilot, we are at each side of our needs with every need, in every challenging road, every corner we turn together.

Of course, we have our customers who trust us and are with us from the first day at the basis of this achievement. Another important contribution to this success is, of course, our stakeholders. We reached a crucial turning point today with TEB, one of Turkey's largest banks and Arval's professionalism, which has over 25 years of experience in operational leasing. I would like to extend my thanks to all the TEB Arval team working a lot in order to provide the best service quality to our customers by always putting customer satisfaction at the center of all the works. "

Suat Ateşdağlı, one of the most famous DJs in Turkey, made a strong impression on guests with its performance.